Accutane and Sun Exposure: What You Need to Know

Accutane Exposure

for Your Health

Taking Accutane for any length of time can have a significant effect on the health of your skin and your body. When used properly and with caution, however, it can be the solution to a variety of skin problems including severe acne. Part of using Accutane responsibly includes being aware of the effects it can have when exposed to the sun. Here’s what you need to know about Accutane and sun exposure.

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Accutane and Sunburns

Accutane, or isotretinoin, works to decrease the amount of sebum, or oil, in the skin, as well as reduce inflammation. Unfortunately, when taking Accutane, the skin is extra sensitive to sunburns and other excessive exposure to the sun’s rays. The skin can become red, sore, and peeling, which can be painful and embarrassing.

Taking Preventative Measures

The best way to avoid any damage from the sun’s rays is to take preventative measures such as staying out of the sun whenever possible and applying sunscreen before going outside. When outdoors, however, it’s even more important to apply a high SPF sunscreen, wear protective clothing and a hat, and avoid high-intensity activities such as sunbathing or beach sports. Additionally, be sure to avoid tanning beds while taking Accutane, as they can be incredibly damaging.

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Accutane and Overall Health

Accutane is a powerful medication, and it can have side effects that can be both physical and mental. The most important thing to remember is to always follow your doctor’s instructions. Regularly review your medications and make sure to take them as prescribed. Always be open and honest with your doctor so they can assess if Accutane is right for you and advise you on things such as sun exposure and other preventative measures.

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By taking care of yourself and your skin, you can protect yourself from the dangers of sun exposure while on Accutane.

When it comes to taking Accutane and sun exposure, caution is key. With the right preventative measures and knowledge, you can keep your skin healthy and protected without having to worry. With careful management of your medication, you can greatly reduce the risks associated with sun exposure while on Accutane and truly enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

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