Acne and Your Diet: The Connection You Need to Know


Acne and Your Diet – The Essential Connection You Need to Know About Your Health

Your diet and acne are inextricably linked. There is an established relationship between what you eat and beverage and the medical condition known as acne vulgaris. If your complexion is looking a little less than perfect, and your productivity is hampered by the appearance of unsightly pimples, it might actually boil down to your dietary choices.

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The Role of High Glycemic Foods in Acne

High glycemic foods like white bread, white rice, sugar, and processed foods like chips and cookies introduce large amounts of sugar into the body in a very short period of time. This can cause an increase in hormones called androgens, which are important for male reproductive health, but can also cause excess oil production, inflamed skin, and the proliferation of acne-causing bacteria on the skin.

The Anti-Acne Benefits of Proteins, Fruits, and Vegetables

Proteins are necessary for healthy skin, and so are vitamins and minerals. Eating plenty of lean proteins, fresh fruits, and vegetables will supply the body with the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and fight off acne breakouts. Fruits and vegetables like spinach, kale, and apples are rich in vitamins A, C, and E, as well as zinc, which can help to strengthen skin and reduce inflammation.

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The Power of Water in Proper Acne Maintenance

Staying properly hydrated is an essential part of acne prevention and maintenance. Not only does drinking plenty of water cleanse the body of toxins, it also helps to flush out toxins and eliminate the accumulation of sebum and dirt on the skin. Furthermore, drinking adequate amounts of water helps to keep the skin hydrated and keeps the skin looking youthful.

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A proper diet can be essential in reducing or even eliminating breakouts. Keeping your diet high in proteins, vitamins, and minerals while avoiding processed or high glycemic foods is a simple way but effective way to maintain good skin health, and overall health. Drink plenty of water, and know that you are taking the steps towards a clearer complexion and a healthier you.