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How to Treat Chest Acne

Chest acne is an uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing problem, but it doesn’t have to be a permanent issue. With the right treatment and preventive measures, chest acne can be managed, controlled and prevented.

Causes of Chest Acne

Chest acne is caused by similar factors as facial acne. Your skin has microscopic pores, which contain sebaceous glands that produce natural oils to keep your skin soft. During puberty, the glands increase their production of oils, which can lead to a build-up of bacteria. Environmental factors, such as sweat and other irritants, can also lead to acne breakouts.

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Preventing Chest Acne

Knowing the causes of chest acne can help you better prevent it. To keep your skin clear, try these tips:

  • Wash your chest daily: Gently wash your chest area twice a day to remove dirt and oils. Use a mild soap or cleanser, warm water and a soft washcloth.
  • Shower after workouts: Sweat can irritate breakouts, so make sure to shower after physical activity. Change clothes after workouts, and choose loose-fitting clothing.
  • Avoid tight clothing: Tight restrictive clothing can lead to a build-up of sweat and increase irritation, so avoid tight shirts and bras.
  • Keep your skin moisturized: Use a moisturizer that’s gentle on your skin. Choose non-comedogenic products, which help prevent clogged pores.

Treating Chest Acne

If your chest acne persists, you may need to speak to a dermatologist. They may recommend treatments, such as topical creams, retinoids, oral antibiotics, or laser therapy, depending on the severity of your condition.

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