How to Prevent Clogged Pores: Tips and Tricks

Prevent Clogged

for Healthy Skin

Healthy skin is something we all aspire to achieve. Having clear, unclogged pores is an essential part of that. Fortunately, it’s totally possible to keep pores free of clogs and looking their best. Here are some tips and tricks to help you out with that.

Cleanse your skin well

A good skincare routine always starts with a thorough cleaning. Make sure you use an oil-based cleanser to fully remove all traces of makeup, dirt, and dirt. Once you’ve finished, use a gentle cleanser to reduce the risk of dryness or irritation.

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Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliation is an important step in keeping your pores clean. Gently detaching dead skin cells will make sure that nothing is clogging your pores and give your skin a smooth, healthy-looking glow. Be sure to use an exfoliator that isn’t too harsh, as too much exfoliation can lead to inflammation of the pores.


Dry skin is more prone to clogged pores than moisturised skin, so make sure that you make moisturiser part of your skincare routine. Use an oil-free formula to make sure that your skin doesn’t become too heavy and remove it when you’re done.

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Apply a Facial Mask

Facial masks help to refresh and rejuvenate your skin by unclogging the pores and removing excess oil and debris. Choose a mask that suits your skin type: a mask with clay or charcoal is best for oily skin and a soothing, hydrating mask is best for dry skin.

Avoid Touching your face

Our hands pick up a lot of dirt and grime throughout the day, and that dirt can get transferred to our face. If your pores come in contact with that, it can cause clogs. To avoid this, make sure to keep your hands away from your face.

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Keep your skin covered when outside

The sun’s harmful UV rays can damage your skin, making it more prone to clogged pores. Make sure you wear a hat, sunglasses and a good sunscreen to protect your skin.

Don’t over-wash your face

It’s important to keep your face clean, but don’t go overboard. Over-washing can cause your skin to become dry and irritated, making it more prone to breakouts and clogged pores.


Sticking to these simple tips and tricks can help keep your pores free of clogs and your skin looking healthy.

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