Sebum and Makeup: Tips for Long-Lasting, Oil-Free Makeup

Makeup Sebum

and Health

Having healthy skin can be a challenge, especially if you’re prone to excess sebum production. Sebum is a waxy, natural oil produced by the skin to keep it hydrated, but too much sebum can lead to clogged pores, skin blemishes, and breakouts. The wrong makeup can also make matters worse by contributing to a buildup of oils on the skin.

Luckily, there are several simple tips to keep your makeup looking fresh and your skin clear, healthy, and oil-free all day long. Here are some Sebum and Makeup tips for Long-Lasting, Oil-Free Makeup and Health:

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Choose the Right Makeup

When shopping for makeup, look for products labeled “noncomedogenic,” which means they won’t clog pores. Oil-free and “mattifying” formulas are also beneficial for skin types that produce excess sebum.

When it comes to foundation, cream and liquid formulas tend to be more problematic for oily skin. Stick to powder foundations or opt for a mattifying primer underneath your liquid foundation to keep oils at bay.

Prep Your Skin

Before applying your makeup, use a gentle, unscented cleanser to wash and remove surface oils. Follow up with an alcohol-free toner, which can help reduce the appearance of pores, minimize shine, restore pH balance and protect your skin from bacteria.

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Apply a Mattifying Primer

A mattifying primer is the key to long-lasting, oil-free makeup. The primer will help create a smooth canvas before applying the foundation, and it will help the makeup last all day while providing oil control.

Use Powder to Set Makeup

Using a light dusting of powder to set your makeup can remove excess oils and help extend the wear of your makeup. Make sure to use a light application and only use powder when you need to, since too much can lead to a flaky, cakey appearance.

Touch Up Throughout the Day

If you’re prone to oils and shine throughout the day, use blotting papers or matte-finish mattifying products for quick and easy touch-ups. This will help remove unwanted oils without disturbing the makeup on your face.

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Cleanse at Night

Regular cleansing is essential for a healthy complexion and to avoid clogged pores. Use a gentle cleanser to remove all traces of makeup, dirt and excess sebum from your skin. If you’re wearing a heavy foundation, consider double cleansing at night to ensure you remove every last bit of makeup before going to bed.

Following these simple tips can help create a natural, long-lasting makeup look while keeping your skin oil-free and healthy. Try incorporating these Sebum and Makeup tips for Long-Lasting, Oil-Free Makeup and Health into your daily beauty routine for clear, hydrated skin.