The Role of Exercise in Acne Prevention and Treatment

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It’s no secret that regular exercise is beneficial for maintaining good general health, but did you know that it may also play an important role in acne prevention and treatment? Studies have concluded that regular physical activity and exercise can help reduce the severity of acne in adults. This article outlines the potential effects of exercise on acne and offers tips for those who want to start a physical activity program to improve their skin health.

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Benefits of Exercise for Acne Prevention and Treatment

Regular exercise can benefit acne sufferers in several ways. Increasing physical activity can:

  • Reduce stress – Stress and anxiety can worsen acne outbreaks. Engaging in exercise releases endorphins, a hormone that helps reduce stress levels and improve mood.
  • Improve circulation. – Regular physical activity can improve blood flow, supporting skin cell regeneration and helping to reduce inflammation and bacteria levels.
  • Boost immunity. – Exercise helps to strengthen the body’s natural defenses against infection and can help to keep skin clear.

Tips for Starting a Workout Routine

If you’re just getting started with exercise, it’s important to do so safely. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Set realistic goals. Start with a manageable amount and steadily increase your workout duration and intensity as your fitness improves.
  • Choose activities you enjoy. Select exercises you will stick with, as this will make it easier to stay motivated and stick with your routine.
  • Seek professional advice. Consider consulting a personal trainer or physical therapist to ensure that your routine is designed to meet your individual needs.


Regular physical activity can play an important role in treating and preventing acne. Exercise can reduce stress, improve circulation and immunity, and generally support good skin health. If you’re just beginning an acne prevention and treatment exercise program, it’s essential to do so safely. Start with a manageable amount, set realistic goals, and choose activities that you find enjoyable. Speaking with a professional such as a personal trainer or physical therapist is also highly recommended.