Topical treatments for sunburn: What you need to know

Topical treatments

Topical Treatments for Sunburn: What you need to know and Health

We all know that sunburn is incredibly uncomfortable and poses risks to overall health. The most important thing is to protect oneself from sunburn and other sun related damage with sunscreen, hats and protective clothing. But there are still times when we’re not as careful as we should be and end up with sunburn. Fortunately, there are topical treatments that can help soothe the pain and irritation and help to minimize skin damage.

Aloe Vera

One of the most popular remedies for sunburn is to apply aloe vera gel, extract, or lotion directly to the skin. Aloe vera has incredible healing properties, soothing the skin and providing healing moisture. It also helps to block out damaging UV rays from the sun and reduce inflammation.

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Coconut Oil

Using coconut oil on sunburned skin is another great topical treatment. Coconut oil contains natural antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties to help reduce redness, irritation and pain caused by the sunburn. It also helps to keep the skin hydrated, helping it to heal more quickly.

Oatmeal Baths

Oatmeal is often used in the treatment of sunburns. Oats contain compounds that can ease the itching and pain from a sunburn, as well as reduce swelling and redness. Simply add a cup or two of oatmeal to a lukewarm bath and soak in the mixture for up to 15 minutes. Not only will it provide relief and soothing to your sunburned skin, it can also help to prevent further damage.

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Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is another common home remedy for sunburn. The acidic nature of apple cider vinegar helps to neutralize the pH balance of the skin, reducing inflammation and pain. Simply mix a cup or two of apple cider vinegar with cool or lukewarm water and apply to the sunburned area with a cloth or cotton ball.

Essential Oils

Using essential oils such as lavender, chamomile, and calendula can be especially calming for painful and itchy sunburns. Simply mix a few drops of the oil with a carrier oil such as coconut or olive oil and apply to the affected area. In addition to soothing the skin, the aromatherapy of these oils can also provide a calming effect.

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Prevention is Key

While these topical treatments can help reduce redness, inflammation and pain caused by sunburn, prevention is still the best method when it comes to avoiding sunburn. Wearing protective clothing and hats, sunscreen, avoiding direct sunlight during peak hours, and staying hydrated are great ways to prevent sunburn.

Remember, sunburn can be incredibly uncomfortable, but these topical treatments can help provide you with some relief. Just be sure to practice preventative measures in order to avoid sunburns in the first place.