Treating Stubborn Blackheads: What to Do When Nothing Seems to Work


Are you struggling with stubborn blackheads that won’t seem to go away, no matter what you try? While having blackheads is a normal skin condition that affects many people, some individuals are particularly prone to this skin complaint. If you’re struggling to control your blackhead problem, read on to find out how to treat stubborn blackheads and keep your skin looking healthy and vibrant.

1. Understanding Blackheads

Blackheads, also known as comedones, are small black bumps that occur when pores become clogged with oils, bacteria, and dirt. Over time, the substances in the pore become oxidized and turn black or dark brown, which is why these blemishes are often referred to as blackheads. It’s important to remember that blackheads are not a form of acne, and require a different form of treatment.

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2. Avoid Using Aggressive Products

To treat stubborn blackheads, it’s absolutely essential that you avoid using aggressive products such as pore strips and harsh exfoliants. These products can strip away the natural oils from your skin resulting in irritation and inflammation. In addition, pore strips also tend to cause damage to underlying skin layers, making the blackhead problem even worse.

3. Cleanse Regularly

A good skincare routine will go a long way in helping you keep blackheads at bay. To start with, regular cleansing is crucial—wash your face twice a day with a mild non-soap cleanser. Using a face wash that is specially designed for your skin type will help you avoid clogged pores and breakouts.

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4. Use Products With Salicylic Acid

Look for products that contain salicylic acid in order to reduce the number of blackheads on your skin. Salicylic acid helps to unclog pores by dissolving the dead skin cells, oils, and other debris which can cause blackheads to form. In addition, salicylic acid also helps to reduce redness and inflammation associated with blackheads.

5. Keep Skin Hydrated

When it comes to keeping your skin free from blackheads, it’s also important to ensure that it remains hydrated at all times. Look for products that contain ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and ceramides to help keep your skin hydrated and soft. In addition, use a moisturizer to keep your skin well hydrated and protected from harsh weather conditions.

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6. Follow Healthy Habits

Finally, in order to keep your skin free from stubborn blackheads, it’s important to follow healthy habits such as eating a balanced diet full of fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins, drinking plenty of water, getting adequate sleep, and avoiding smoking and excessive drinking.


Treating stubborn blackheads can be a challenge, but with the right skincare routine and healthy habits, you can keep your skin looking clear and beautiful. Remember to avoid harsh products in your skincare routine, and try to use natural ingredients such as salicylic acid and hyaluronic acid to help reduce blackheads and keep your skin hydrated and healthy.