accidental erection

How to Deal With an Accidental Erection

Nobody likes an unwelcome surprise, and an accidental erection definitely qualifies! Knowing how to handle an uncomfortable moment like this can go a long way towards feeling more in control and less embarrassed. Here are some tips for how to deal with an accidental erection.

Stay Calm

When an unwanted erection happens, the worst thing to do is to get stressed and flustered. The more you panic, the more likely you are to draw attention to the situation. Taking a few deep breaths and focusing on something else will help you to stay calm and not draw attention to yourself.

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Notify Someone

If you are in an environment where someone can be notified (for instance, in a doctor’s waiting room or at school), it is best to let someone know of the situation. This will allow them to take any necessary procedural steps to address the embarrassment in a discreet manner.

Distract Attention Away From the Erection

Come up with a distraction to focus everyone’s attention away from the erect penis. This can be anything from making a joke to doing a dance or having a coughing fit. Anything that will draw attention away from the accidental erection and take the pressure off you is probably a good plan.

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Change Position

If it’s possible, standing up or changing your seating position can sometimes help reduce the erection. Be mindful that this may also draw attention to you, so wait until the attention has been distracted away before making this move.

Wear Pajamas with a Fly

Reducing the possibility of an accidental erection in the first place is a great strategy. Wearing pants or pajamas with a zipper or button fly makes it easy to adjust the clothing without causing embarrassment.

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Nobody wants an accidental erection to happen to them, but sometimes it does. Knowing how to handle the situation can help to reduce stress levels and return to feeling in control as soon as possible. We hope these tips have been helpful and prevent any awkward moments in the future.

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