dog erection

What Causes Dog Erection?

When trying to understand your pup’s behavior, it can be puzzling if your furry friend’s suddenly starts getting an erection. But dog erections, or “dog boners”, are completely normal and can have several causes.

Understanding Dog Erections

A dog does not have control over when an erection happens as it is an involuntary reflex. They are not necessarily caused by something stimulating your pup, so do not feel embarrassed if others are around. Erections in both male and female dogs are absolutely normal and should not be something to be worried about.

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Why Dogs Get Erections

The most common reason for a dog to become erect is due to sexual arousal. This can be caused by either the presence of another dog or even your presence. As your pup is unable to perform sexual intercourse, this is simply a mechanism of their body responding to the situation.

Erections can also be caused by female dogs in heat, as a male dog’s erection will indicate that the female is prepared for breeding.

Other Reasons for Dog Erections

Erections can also be caused by excitement. This could be from exercise or playing, or just the presence of someone they love and trust.

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Erections can also signify happiness and relaxation. This occurs when your pup is sleeping, bonding with you, or just feeling content.

What to Do If Your Dog Gets an Erection

If you want your pup to stop displaying signs of arousal, then it is best to remove them from the situation or situation that is causing it.

If your pup is aroused due to sexual reasons, then neutering or spaying can help. It can also help to keep your dog away from unaltered male or female dogs.

Erections in Dogs are Nothing to Worry About

If your pup is displaying an erection, then do not worry. As long as it does not last for a long period of time, it is nothing to worry about. Erections are an absolutely normal occurrence for dogs, and can be caused by sexual arousal, excitement, relaxation or just feeling content.

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You should not be alarmed if your pup displays a boner, as they can’t help it and they are nothing to be embarrassed about. However, if you’re concerned, it is best to speak to your vet in order to make sure that your pup is healthy.


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