Practical Ways to Create a Stress-Free Workspace: Tips for Remote Workers

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Practical Tips to Create a Stress-Free Workspace for Remote Workers and Health

Do you work from home? Having a stress-free workspace is essential for remote workers to stay productive and healthy. With the extra distractions and reduced motivation that can come when working from home, it can be tricky maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Here, we discuss practical tips for creating a stress-free workspace for remote workers and health.

1. Maintain a Clear Desk

It can be difficult working from the same area of your home day after day, but having a clear and organized workspace is key for both productivity and mental health. Keep a clutter-free environment and invest in desk organizers to keep cables and documents in check. If you need to, dedicate specific areas of your home to work in, and be sure to clean up after every work session.

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2. Create a Comfortable Environment

Whether it’s a home office or a corner of your kitchen, you want to be as comfortable and focused as possible when working from home. Be sure to invest in a good chair that provides adequate back and arm support. A laptop stand should also help to reduce any neck or back ache, as well as avoid eye strain from long days in front of a computer – essential for keeping up your energy levels and concentration!

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3. Have a Proper Set-Up

Having a proper set up is the cornerstone to any successful working from home space. Make sure your keyboard and mouse are positioned in a way that does not strain your wrists or arms, as RSI can be incredibly common for remote workers. In terms of connectivity, make sure you have a good internet connection and that you have access to all the resources and applications you need to do your job.

4. Utilize Nature

Having access to natural light and fresh air is crucial to staying both productive and healthy when working from home. Make sure that you have a suitable space to open windows and blinds, and try to get out into nature whenever possible. Not only will it help increase your vitamin D levels, but it can also help to reduce stress and anxiety levels.

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5. Introduce Some Greenery

Plants are not only aesthetically pleasing to look at, but can also help to reduce stress levels and boost energy. Keeping plants on or near your desk helps create a more natural environment and can also help purify the air. Fiddle with plants are fantastic for desk decorations, and have been known to reduce tension and help create a more natural setting.


Creating a stress-free workspace for remote workers and health is essential for staying productive and healthy. By maintaining a clear desk, creating a comfortable environment, having a proper set up, utilizing nature, and introducing plants, you can ensure that you are both productive and healthy while working from home.