Tips for Properly Administering Medications to Children

Properly Administering

Medication Tips for Children’s Health

Parents want their children to stay healthy and safe. Properly administering medications is an essential part of keeping kids healthy, especially when they take regular medication. Here are some tips to help you effectively and safely administer medications to your children.

Have the Right Equipment

Having the right equipment is essential when administering medications. Make sure you have accurate measuring tools, prescriber’s instructions, dosing cups and spoons and a watch with a second hand.

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Check the Prescription

Check the prescription to make sure the drug you are giving is the one prescribed by the doctor. Read the directions and look at expiration dates to be sure that you are giving the right dose of medication for your child’s age.

New Medication

If your child is starting a new medication, ask your doctor questions about possible side effects or drug interactions. Make sure you have a complete list of all medications your child is taking.

Administer Properly

Administer medications orally whenever possible. When administering medication through other means, follow your doctor’s directions carefully. For example, lotions should be applied with clean hands and addressed with minimal rubbing.

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Be Precise

It’s important to be precise when administering medications, especially with medications that must be taken at specific intervals. Set a watch with a second hand to keep track of the time that medications are given.

Check Labels

Check labels to make sure the medications you are giving do not contain the same active ingredients. This will help you avoid giving your child an overdose of a certain drug.

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Monitor Your Child

Monitor your child closely for signs of a reaction or an allergic reaction. Talk to your doctor if you notice any changes in behavior or if your child is experiencing any adverse reactions.


Properly administering medications to your children is critical in keeping them safe and healthy. Make sure you have the right tools, check the prescription, ask your doctor questions. Be precise when administering medicines, check labels, and be aware of any adverse reactions. Following these tips for administering medications can help ensure your child’s health and safety.