how to get wrinkles out of clothes

How to Get Wrinkles Out of Clothes

It can be frustrating when your clothes end up wrinkly in the closet. Thankfully, it’s possible to remove wrinkles with a few simple steps. Here is how to get wrinkles out of clothes for all fabric types.

Steam Out Wrinkles

Steam is one of the most effective solutions for removing wrinkles from clothes.

  • Hang your clothing on a hanger, so the garment is not lying flat.
  • Hold the steamer around three inches away from the clothing.
  • Move the steamer around the clothing in circular motions.
  • Repeat the process until the wrinkles have disappeared.

Throw Clothes in the Dryer

The next best solution to getting wrinkles out of clothes is the dryer.

  • Run the dryer on the no heat setting.
  • Toss in a damp washcloth or towel into the dryer with the clothing.
  • The water on the towel will create steam and help remove the wrinkles.
  • Run the dryer for about 10 minutes.

Iron Out Your Clothes

Ironing is the classic way to get wrinkles out of clothes.

  • Set the iron to the appropriate heat level, depending on the fabric type.
  • Spray the clothing with a water bottle if it’s particularly stubborn wrinkles.
  • Iron the clothing, moving the iron in an up and down motion.
  • If the material is delicate, use a damp cloth on top to protect it.

These are some of the common ways to get wrinkles out of clothes. By following the steps above, you can keep your clothing wrinkle-free for a long time!

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