Breaking down the best training splits for muscle growth

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Growth Muscles and Health: Breaking Down the Best Training Splits

Building muscle and staying healthy are two of the most important goals of fitness enthusiasts around the world. To achieve them, it’s important to choose the right training split—the order and frequency of exercise sessions throughout the week. Here, we break down the best training splits for muscle growth and health.

Full Body Split

A full body split is great for beginners. This style includes exercising each muscle group once a week, divided over a few days, with more repetitions, more sets and more rest. This ensures that all muscles get the same level of attention, making it well suited for beginners who want to build muscle.

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Upper/Lower Split

The upper/lower split focuses on half of the body each workout. Typically, it entails three days a week, with two days working out the upper body, and one day exercising the lower body. This split is good for individuals with intermediate experience who have good mobility and are comfortable knowing the basics of training muscles.

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Push and Pull Split

The push and pull split segregates exercises into three categories: pushing, pulling and leg day. This helps target particular muscle groupings, promoting a balanced and effective workout. Each session specifically uses exercises akin to the workout. However, it may be too complex for beginners, as knowledge and comfortability with exercises is critical in this style.

Body Part Splits

The body part split is most suitable for those with advanced health and fitness experience. The split consists of five or six days of working out each week. Starting with chest, shoulders, and triceps, the sessions move on to back, abs, and biceps. With the body part split, you can focus on each body part with different exercises and variations.

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No matter which style of split you choose, remember to stay hydrated, have rest days and exercise consistency, staving off injury. The best training split is whatever works for your fitness level and goals. Just remember to add in healthy eating, and you will be on track for your muscle and health goals to success.