How to Incorporate Powerlifting into Bodybuilding Training

Incorporate Powerlifting

and Health

Powerlifting can be an effective part of a bodybuilding and health program, as it serves to build strength and improve overall conditioning. Powerlifting is a type of weightlifting in which the goal is to lift a maximum amount of weight in three lifts: the squat, the deadlift, and the bench press. Competitive powerlifting involves the participation of athletes competing against one another in the three lifts.

By incorporating powerlifting into a bodybuilding routine, an individual can maximize gains in strength and muscle size. Additionally, powerlifting can help to improve posture, balance, and overall body conditioning. It is important, however, to develop proper technique when incorporating powerlifting into a bodybuilding routine, as improper form can lead to injury.

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Preparing for Powerlifting

Before engaging in powerlifting, it is important for bodybuilders to focus on range of motion and mobility. This can include stretching prior to workouts and a focus on proper form during execution of exercises. Additionally, bodybuilders should work on slow and controlled lifts, focusing on control of the bar and the breath.

Benefits of Powerlifting

Powerlifting offers a number of benefits to bodybuilders. These benefits include improved muscle strength and size, improved posture, better balance, and an overall healthier body. Additionally, powerlifting also provides bodybuilders with a sense of accomplishment and an opportunity to test themselves and their strength.

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Starting Powerlifting

For those who are interested in incorporating powerlifting into their bodybuilding regimen, it is best to start with the basics. One should begin by focusing on proper form and technique. Proper form not only helps to prevent injuries but also maximizes gains in strength and muscle size. Additionally, bodybuilders should start light and work their way up. This helps to ensure that the body is ready for heavier loads.

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Once an individual has developed proper technique and is comfortable utilizing heavier weights, they can begin to incorporate powerlifting accessories into their workouts. Powerlifting accessories such as squat racks, weight vests, and weightlifting straps can help to maximize the effectiveness of an individual’s workouts.


Incorporating powerlifting into a bodybuilding program can help an individual to maximize gains in muscle size, strength, and overall fitness. However, it is important to develop proper form and technique before engaging in powerlifting. Additionally, powerlifting accessories such as weight vests and weightlifting straps can help to maximize the effectiveness of powerlifting workouts.