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What You Need To Know About John Meadows Bodybuilding

John Meadows, also known as ‘Mountain Dog’, is an IFBB professional bodybuilder and world-renowned coach to elite athletes. His bodybuilding methods have helped equip athletes for success in numerous fields, from powerlifting to MMA, as well as bodybuilding.

Whether you’re looking to break into bodybuilding or are an experienced athlete looking to improve your performance, John Meadows is there to provide the guidance and support you need. He’s dedicated his life to the pursuit of excellence and works with a select group of clients in order to bring out the best in them.

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John Meadows’ Bodybuilding Training Methodology

John Meadows’ bodybuilding approach focuses on a 3A system: Analyze, Adapt and Attack.


John Meadows assesses an athlete’s strengths, weaknesses, and potential as an individual. He then creates a custom plan tailored to the individual’s unique capabilities, while accounting for any particular limitations they may have.


Meadows adapts to an athlete’s specific needs and works on the foundational aspects of bodybuilding. He helps them to become stronger in a few select areas that will provide the most benefit.

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Once the athlete has a strong foundation and has begun to progress, John Meadows works on ensuring that every set is 100% perfect. He also gives them corrective exercises to perform in order to reduce the risk of injury.

Benefits of John Meadows’ Bodybuilding Trainings

John Meadows’ bodybuilding training provides a number of benefits, including:

  • Achieving greater strength: Meadows’ bodybuilding techniques are designed to help athletes reach their peak performance. He’s renowned for his ability to take an individual and turn them into a well-rounded and strong athlete.
  • Reduced injury risk: By working on form, proper technique, balance and mobility, Meadows’ trainings help to ensure that athletes reduce their risk of injury.
  • Improved physique: The combination of correct technique, proper diet, and a focus on building strength will result in significant improvements in an athlete’s physique.
  • Increased confidence: Meadows’ training focuses on more than just bodybuilding; it also helps to improve an athlete’s mental and emotional wellbeing. By working through difficulties and striving to reach greater heights, athletes develop greater self-confidence and drive.


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