Pushing Your Limits: The Benefits of Increasing Repetition Ranges

Pushing Limits

and Health

Good health and fitness requires commitment and hard work. To stay healthy, one must push their body beyond its present physical limits in order to make progress.

Increasing repetition ranges is an excellent way to push your body and increase your health and fitness. Performing more repetitions of a certain exercise increases the muscles’ endurance and strength. This leads to a more effective workout, higher calorie burn, and improved results.

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Higher Calorie Burn

Increasing repetition ranges can increase the amount of calories you burn in one single exercise session. Instead of just doing the usual 10 repetitions for a certain exercise, pushing your body by doing 15 or 20 repetitions of that same exercise can help burn more calories per session.

Improved Strength and Endurance

When you increase your repetition ranges, you create more tension on the muscles that are being worked. This tension, combined with an increase in repetitions, will help build stronger, bigger muscles. Additionally, with longer reps, you’ll be able to keep going longer. This gives you a better workout and offers improved results.

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Optimal Health

Increasing your repetition ranges can have beneficial effects on your overall health. With more reps and higher intensity, you will burn more calories, meaning that you’re able to stay in shape and have optimal health. Regular exercises with increasing repetition ranges will also help to improve your cardiovascular health, as well as your strength and endurance.

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In conclusion, increasing repetition ranges is an excellent way to push your body and increase your health and fitness. By pushing yourself and performing more repetitions of a certain exercise, you can burn more calories and build stronger, bigger muscles. Regular exercises with increasing repetitions will also help to improve your overall health.

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