Resistance Training vs. Cardio: Which Is Better?

Resistance Training

Resistance Training vs. Cardio: Which Is Better for Your Health?

Are you torn between resistance training and cardio for a healthier body? The answer lies in understanding the benefits and limitations of each one. Plus, you must consider the physical and mental health goals you have set for yourself.

Benefits of Resistance Training

Resistance training helps you build muscle strength and endurance. It raises your metabolism and helps you keep your weight in check. This type of training also increases bone mineral density and helps with injury prevention as well. It tones the body and is a great way of sculpting body shape. Resistance training can also give you more energy and self-confidence.

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Limitations of Resistance Training

Resistance training can be quite taxing on the body. It can cause muscle strain or injury if done improperly. Those suffering from joint pain and arthritis should be careful about resistance training. It is also time-consuming and takes up a lot of effort and dedication.

Benefits of Cardio

Cardio is great for improving overall health, endurance, and fitness. It has proven benefits for weight loss due to the much larger caloric expenditure than resistance training. Cardio also gives you a better aerobic capacity which improves the blood and oxygen supply to muscles. It can also help improve happiness levels, as it releases endorphins in the body. Cardio activities like running and cycling are great forms of recreation too.

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Limitations of Cardio

Cardio might not help much in terms of improving body shape and definition of muscles. If done excessively, it can cause body fatigue and compromise the strength of your muscles. Additionally, too many cardio workouts can lead to boredom and lack of motivation to stay active.

The Verdict

It is important to strike a balance between the two types of workout- resistance training and cardio. If your goal is to slim down and improve your overall well-being, cardio workouts are the better option. On the other hand, if your aim is to shape up and gain muscle strength, resistance training should take priority over cardio. Thus, the best strategy for good health and fitness is to incorporate elements of both in your workout routine.