The Benefits of Flexibility Training for Bodybuilding

Benefits Flexibility

and Health

Bodybuilding is often associated with lifting heavy weights, but few recognize the importance of flexibility in achieving a balanced, healthy physique. Regular flexibility training is critical to longevity and continuing success in bodybuilding. Flexibility training is beneficial for improved strength, body awareness, flexibility, posture and balance.

Improved Strength

A major benefit for bodybuilders practicing flexibility training is increased strength. As muscles are lengthened, strength is created at the joints and muscles, improving your ability to lift heavier weights for longer periods of time. Flexibility training can improve your maximal effort, which can help increase muscle mass.

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Body Awareness

When you can identify where your body is in space it allows you to strengthen and stretch certain areas of your body in a more effective manner. It improves the body’s ability to work harder and easier during a workout. When your body is more aware of where it is at, it also helps prevent injury as you’re able to notice and adjust accordingly.

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Flexibility is the most obvious benefit of flexibility training and is the primary reason most people do it. Improving your range of motion can increase your limberness and allow you to perform stronger workouts. It can also help you to achieve postures that would be difficult without increased flexibility.

Posture and Balance

Flexibility training can also improve your posture and balance, allowing your body to effortlessly hold itself in a more upright and secure position. These are the simple but crucial elements that make your body look how it should, allowing you to counter muscle imbalances and evenly distribute your weight. Often times, poor posture and balance may be caused by tight and weak muscles, which can be eased with regular flexibility training and corrective exercises.

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Flexibility training is an essential component to a healthy and successful bodybuilding lifestyle. Through improved strength, body awareness, flexibility, posture and balance, flexibility training can help your body reach its fullest potential.