The Connection Between Bodybuilding and Parkour

Connection Between

The Link Between Bodybuilding and Parkour and Health

Whether you’re a seasoned gym enthusiast or new to the fitness scene, you’ve likely heard of both bodybuilding and parkour. While quite different, both are popular and effective forms of exercise. But do you know the ways in which the two activities relate to physical and mental health?

What is Bodybuilding and Parkour?

Bodybuilding involves regularly following an exercise and diet program based on the principles of resistance to strengthen and build muscle. On the other hand, parkour is a form of movement that intends to defies gravity by using the environment to traverse obstacle courses and other objects.

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Benefits of Both Exercise Types

Research shows that both bodybuilding and parkour come with a slew of health benefits. With bodybuilding, for instance, individuals can enjoy increased muscular strength, increased metabolism, increased bone density, and improved balance.

Meanwhile, parkour can boost self-confidence, improve reflexes and mobility, promote coordination and balance, and help one stay in shape. What’s more, this exciting physical activity can also bring stress relief and improved mental health.

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Where the Two Meet

Though bodybuilding and parkour offer various individual benefits, the two activities don’t stop there. In fact, most health professionals agree that there is a strong connection between bodybuilding and parkour and good overall physical and mental health.

When combined, the two activities form a truly unique and powerful workout regimen.

On the one hand, bodybuilding’s purpose is to build muscle and increase strength. Parkour, meanwhile, helps build endurance, flexibility and agility. By practicing both activities, you are able to leverage the advantages of each to build a comprehensive, fully-rounded workout program that promotes physical and mental health.

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Getting Started

If you’re interested in reaping the benefits of bodybuilding and parkour, the best way to get started is to talk with a certified fitness professional. They can talk you through the best fitness plan for you and your goals.

And for those who wish to master parkour, there are several organizations around the world that provide everything from beginner-level classes to more advanced instruction.


The connection between bodybuilding and parkour and health is undeniable. While the two activities offer various individual benefits, practicing both provides an opportunity to experience a more comprehensive, successful workout regimen.