Tracking Your Progress: Methods for Measuring Fitness Goals

Tracking Progress

Measuring Progress Towards Fitness Goals and Health

Achieving fitness goals and improving overall health requires two elements: the commitment to put in the work and the ability to track progress. Tracking progress provides the traction needed to stay motivated with the work you do towards your fitness goals. But, measuring progress towards fitness goals can sometimes be difficult as not every result is easily quantified.

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Tracking Progress: Methods for Measuring Fitness Goals and Health

Here are some common and effective methods of measuring progress towards fitness goals and health.

Keep a Weight Loss or Fitness Journal

Maintaining a journal helps you become mindful of the progress you made. A fitness journal is a reliable way of tracking your progress as you can write down your goals, track your workouts, and log your meals. This can give you insights on what’s working and what’s not.

Take Body Measurements

Taking body measurements is essential for tracking your fitness progress. Measurements allow you to track changes in your body composition, giving you insights about how your body responds to the changes in diet and exercise.

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Track Your Blood Sugar Levels

Tracking your blood sugar levels is important to know how your body processes food. When your body is functioning properly, blood sugar levels remain within a healthy range. If it dips too low, you could be at risk of hypoglycemia and that could be an indicator that you need to make changes in your diet and/or workout routine.

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Use Technology to Track Progress

Using technology is a great way to track progress. There are lots of fitness tracking apps that offer helpful insights and metrics such as calories burned and heart rate. Technology can also be used to monitor sleep patterns, steps taken, and even heart health.


Measuring progress towards fitness goals and overall health is a great way to stay motivated and keep improving. Setting specific goals, tracking results, using fitness/health tracking apps and keeping a fitness journal are just some of the most effective methods to track progress and measure success.