hair loss after pregnancy

The Causes of Hair Loss After Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a period of immense physical and psychological change for many women. For a large majority of these women, an unwanted surprise awaits them as they transition out of pregnancy- hair loss.

Hormone Fluctuations

An increase in estrogen levels plays a large part in the production of hair during pregnancy. After childbirth, the levels of estrogen decrease, resulting in hair loss sometimes two to three months after delivery. This type of hair loss is termed postpartum alopecia and typically resolves on its own within three to six months.

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Stress & Nutrition

Stress and nutritional deficiencies post-delivery may also contribute to hair loss. It’s important to give your body time afterward to recover, while being mindful of what you eat and ensuring it has all the necessary nutrients.

How to Avoid Postpartum Hair Loss

  • Eat well: Make sure to consume plenty of nutritious food, specifically protein-rich grains and leafy greens.
  • Vitamins: Taking a daily multivitamin can help supplement nutrition deficiency, both during and after pregnancy.
  • Minimize stress: Regular exercise and sleeping well can go a long way in reducing stress and benefiting physical health.

Remember, postpartum hair loss is a normal process that should gradually resolve with the proper self-care. By monitoring your diet and wellbeing, you can avoid or slow down the process of hair loss after pregnancy.

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