Hosting a Cocktail Party: Tips for a Successful Soirée

Hosting Cocktail

How can you follow up with guests after the party to express gratitude and gather feedback?

Hosting a cocktail party can be a great way to enjoy yourself and get together with people, while health measures should not be forgotten. Whether you’re hosting an intimate gathering of a few of your closest friends or inviting a larger group, here are some tips to ensure a successful soirée while still keeping your guests’ health a priority.

Menu Planning

The foundation of any great party is the menu! Having a range of creative and tasty drinks and snacks will be sure to impress your guests. Some tips for hosting a Covid-conscious party include:

  • Make it easy: Keep it simple with grab-and-go items like individual portions of dip and chips, veggie sticks, and other pre-packaged items.
  • Serve fewer options: Serve fewer options to reduce the frequency of guests touching the same surfaces.
  • Go individually wrapped: Pre-package items like cheese and crackers, chocolates and fruit so that people don’t have to share utensils.

Keep Safety Top of Mind

Setting up a safe space should be the priority whenever you are hosting a gathering. Here are some tips to do just that:

  • Opt for Outdoor Spaces: If you can, set up your party outdoors, as this will make it easier to social distance and increase ventilation.
  • Create Space Between Guests: Encourage guests to keep a distance from each other and provide seating that is spaced out, instead of placed directly next to one another.
  • Enforce Mask Wearing: Make sure that everyone is wearing a face mask when not seated or eating and drinking.

Adding Fun To Your Soirée

Getting your guests involved in games can be a great way to keep them entertained. Here are some ideas for fun things you can do at your party:

  • Outdoor Games: If it’s an outdoor event, why not set up a game of cornhole or ladderball?
  • Trivia & Charades: Trivia and charades are classic games that people of all ages can enjoy!
  • Team Contests: Divide guests into teams and challenge them to complete an activity. Ideas range from creative writing contests to tug-of-war.

By following the tips mentioned in this post, you’ll be sure to have a successful and safe cocktail party that your guests will never forget. So, pop open the bubbly, get the snacks ready and start planning your next soirée!

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