NuviaLab Meno – opinions, composition, price, how it works

NuviaLab Meno – Opinions, Composition, Price, and How it Works

NuviaLab Meno is a dietary supplement for women with menopause, which helps to reduce the intensity of symptoms that are common during this period of life. This supplement contains natural botanical extracts and vitamins that have been specifically formulated to support women during menopausal changes. Read on to explore the opinions about NuviaLab Meno, its composition, price and how it works.

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What is NuviaLab Meno?

NuviaLab Meno is a dietary supplement specifically designed for women who experience menopausal discomfort. It helps to reduce common symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings and insomnia. The formula has been carefully designed with natural botanical extracts and vitamins to provide extra support during these changes. It helps to reduce the intensity of the menopausal symptoms, allowing you to get back to feeling your best.

Opinions on NuviaLab Meno

Women who have taken NuviaLab Meno generally report good results, feeling more balanced during menopausal changes. They comment that the formula has helped them to reduce the intensity of their symptoms and that it is easy to take.

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Composition of NuviaLab Meno

NuviaLab Meno contains the following natural ingredients:

  • Red Clover – Red clover helps to reduce hot flushes, night sweats and irritation.
  • Lemon Balm – Lemon balm helps to improve mood and reduce anxiety.
  • Sage – Sage helps to preserve bone density and reduce joint pain.
  • Vitamins B6 and B12 – B vitamins help to reduce fatigue, support the nervous system, and improve mood.

Price and How to Buy NuviaLab Meno

NuviaLab Meno is available in packs of 30 capsules, with each capsule containing 500 mg of the formula. It is best to take one capsule twice a day, before meals.

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NuviaLab Meno can be purchased online directly from the manufacturer’s website at an affordable price of €29.99.

How Does NuviaLab Meno Work?

The natural ingredients in NuviaLab Meno work synergistically to help reduce the intensity of menopausal symptoms. The botanical extracts and vitamins balance hormones, reduce inflammation and improve mood. This helps women to feel better during menopausal changes and reduce discomfort.

NuviaLab Meno – reduce menopause symptoms, natural ingredients, vitamins, mood swings, affordable price