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What You Should Know About Testosterone in Women

Testosterone is the most important male hormone and is frequently associated with male reproductive health. However, women also need it for healthy reproductive function. Many women are not aware of the importance of testosterone in women’s health and its effects on both physical and emotional wellbeing.

What is Testosterone in Women?

Testosterone is a sex hormone produced by both men and women. Women naturally make about one-tenth of the amount of testosterone that men do. Like men, the level of testosterone in women changes with age and health. Women typically experience a peak in testosterone production during the reproductive years, which is usually between the mid- to late-20s and menopause.

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What are the Benefits of Testosterone in Women?

Testosterone is important for several aspects of women’s health, including:

  • Stimulating sex drive
  • Aiding in hormonal balance
  • Building muscle strength
  • Lowering bad cholesterol
  • Increasing bone density

Testosterone also plays an important role in emotional wellbeing. Low testosterone can result in feelings of sadness and fatigue due to a decreased sense of wellbeing.

What Causes Low Testosterone in Women?

Low testosterone in women occurs for a variety of reasons, the most common being menopause or other hormonal changes. Other possible causes of low testosterone include:

  • Hypothyroidism
  • Taking certain medications
  • Post-surgical side effects
  • Stress, anxiety, or depression
  • High-intensity exercise

It is important to discuss any changes in hormone levels with a healthcare provider. Low testosterone in women can be corrected with lifestyle changes or treatments such as hormone replacement therapy.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Women

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is the most common treatment for low testosterone in women. TRT involves the administration of testosterone in various forms, such as injections, pills, and gels. TRT can help restore testosterone levels to optimal levels, improving sexual drive, energy levels and overall wellbeing.

TRT is only available with a prescription and should be monitored by a doctor. Women should discuss the potential risks and benefits associated with testosterone replacement therapy with their healthcare provider before starting treatment.


Testosterone is an important hormone in women’s health, and low levels can lead to side effects on both physical and emotional wellbeing. It is important to discuss any concerns or changes in hormone levels with a healthcare provider to determine if testosterone replacement therapy or other treatments are appropriate.

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