do hemorrhoids itch

What Is The Cause Of Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are swollen veins located in the lower area of the rectum and the anus. They can be caused by straining during bowel movements, obesity, pregnancy and sitting for a long time on the toilet. Hemorrhoids are very common, in fact about 50% of adults will have them at some point in their life.

Do Hemorrhoids Itch?

Yes, hemorrhoids can be itchy and may be worse when you are sitting for a long time or have constipation. Itching is a symptom of hemorrhoids and discomfort can be worse during certain times of day or when the hemorrhoid is inflamed or aggravated. It is important to see a doctor right away if you experience this symptom as it could be a sign of a more serious condition.

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How To Prevent Hemorrhoids From Itching

There are a few steps to take to help relieve the itchiness associated with hemorrhoids:

  • Use hemorrhoid creams – Hemorrhoid creams or ointments provide temporary relief from the itching and burning sensations.
  • Warm baths – Taking a warm bath with a few drops of witch hazel in the water can help soothe the area and reduce the itchiness.
  • Keep the area clean – To help reduce itching, be sure to gently clean the area with unscented soap and water after each bowel movement.
  • Wear loose clothing – Tight clothing can irritate the skin and make the itching worse. Try to wear loose cotton underwear and clothing that fits comfortably.

It is also important to follow a high-fiber diet and drink plenty of fluids to help reduce constipation and make it easier to pass stools.

When To See A Doctor

It is important to see a doctor if the itching does not improve, or if hemorrhoids are causing significant pain. A doctor can recommend the best treatment for your condition. Depending on the severity of the hemorrhoids, treatments may include a topical cream, extra-strength cushions for the anus, a procedure to remove them or surgery.


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