prolapsed hemorrhoids

What Are Prolapsed Hemorrhoids?

Prolapsed hemorrhoids are a type of hemorrhoid that has fallen or slid down from its natural position inside the rectal area. Hemorrhoids are a type of vein in the anus and lower rectum. When swelling and inflammation occurs due to increased pressure in the area, the swollen veins become what is known as a hemorrhoid.

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Causes of Prolapsed Hemorrhoids

The most common cause of prolapsed hemorrhoids are straining during a bowel movement. This strain causes the veins in the area to swell, which then push down through the anus. Additional causes can include:

  • Chronic constipation and/or diarrhea
  • Straining during childbirth
  • Frequent lifting of heavy objects
  • Poor diet, lacking in fiber

Symptoms of Prolapsed Hemorrhoids

Prolapsed hemorrhoids can cause multiple symptoms, such as:

  • Pain or discomfort
  • Itching or irritation
  • The feeling of needing to pass stool despite already doing so
  • Bleeding

Treating Prolapsed Hemorrhoids

Prolapsed hemorrhoids are usually treated by a healthcare professional. Treatments may include:

  • Nutritional changes, such as increasing dietary fiber, to reduce constipation and straining
  • Over-the-counter topical creams or ointments
  • Prescription medications
  • Home remedies, such as the Sitz bath
  • Surgery

Prolapsed hemorrhoids can be managed and even cured if treated quickly and effectively. Contact your healthcare provider for advice and treatment for prolapsed hemorrhoids.

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