The Connection Between Joint Pain and Sarcoidosis

Connection Between

Sarcoidosis is an inflammatory diseases which can affect different parts of the body such as the lungs, skin, eyes, lymph nodes, heart, liver, and joints. Joint pain is one of the most common symptoms of Sarcoidosis. Studies have shown that up to 20% of patients with Sarcoidosis may experience joint pain in the form of arthritis. In some cases, the joint pain can be severe enough to limit movement.

What Causes Joint Pain in Sarcoidosis?

Joint pain in Sarcoidosis occurs due to the inflammation caused by the disease. Sarcoidosis is an autoimmune disorder, meaning that the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks healthy tissue, leading to inflammation and pain. When this occurs in the joints, the resulting inflammation can cause swelling, stiffness, and pain.

How is Joint Pain in Sarcoidosis Diagnosed?

In order to diagnose joint pain related to Sarcoidosis, your doctor will begin by carrying out a physical examination, which may include a review of your medical history and a physical examination of the affected joint. They may also order blood tests and imaging tests such as an X-ray to help them diagnose the condition.

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Treatment of Joint Pain in Sarcoidosis

The treatment of joint pain in Sarcoidosis depends on the severity of the pain and the underlying cause. In some cases, medications such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs(NSAIDs) and corticosteroids may be prescribed to help reduce the pain and inflammation. In more severe cases, surgery may be needed to correct any damage that has occurred to the joint.

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Importance of Managing Joint Pain in Sarcoidosis

Joint pain can have a significant impact on your quality of life, so it is important to get it managed early. Left untreated, joint pain can make it difficult to carry out everyday tasks and can significantly reduce your mobility. It is essential to work with your doctor to manage you joint pain to ensure that you are able to live a comfortable life.

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