What to Expect During Your First Physical Therapy Session: A Comprehensive Guide

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What To Expect During Your First Physical Therapy Session

If you are seeking physical therapy for improved overall health, agility, or symptom relief, you may be wondering what to expect during your first physical therapy session. A comprehensive guide to the physical therapy process and common topics of discussion can help you best prepare for your first visit and future session.

Developing A Treatment Plan

The physical therapist will talk to you about your medical history and your particular pain or condition. They will also do a physical assessment, sometimes with a range of motion tests, to get a full picture of your physical health. Your physical therapist will then create a tailor-made treatment plan to address your specific needs. This plan includes treatment goals and the kinds of exercises you’ll do to meet them.

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Rehabilitative Exercises

Your physical therapy sessions likely will include some form of exercise or movement. The exercises you do, known as rehabilitative exercises, are designed to improve your range of motion and flexibility, reduce pain, build strength, and correct your posture. Depending on your physical needs, these exercises may involve the use of exercise machines, weights, and therapy balls.

Manual Therapy Techniques

Your physical therapist may also use manual therapy techniques during your session. These techniques are performed manually, without the aid of any special tools. This includes massage movements to help relax your muscle tension and decrease pain, along with joint and soft tissue mobilization to increase range of motion.

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Another possible treatment option for your physical therapy sessions is hydrotherapy. This involves performing exercises in a specifically heated pool. The warm temperature helps relax your muscles and increases blood circulation so that therapy can be executed more easily.

At-Home Exercise

Your physical therapist will recommend that you do certain at-home exercises in addition to your physical therapy sessions. This is to help you maintain your progress and get the most out of physical therapy. Your physical therapist will advise which exercises need to be done at home and how to properly perform them.

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Proper Care and Advice

Your physical therapist is there to provide ongoing advice and care throughout your treatment. They will provide tips on ergonomics and offer advice relating to lifestyle changes that can further improve your overall health and posture.

Physical therapy can be a great way to achieve or maintain physical health, mobility, and agility. Preparation before your first session and understanding what to expect can help ensure a successful experience. Follow the tips listed in this comprehensive guide to ensure that you get the most out of physical therapy and reach your goals.

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