Androgens and Sexual Function: What You Need to Know

Androgens Sexual

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Androgens are hormones in the body that help with sexual development and maintenance. Learning about androgens and sexual function can help you to better understand your body, as well as increase potential treatments for any related issues you may be experiencing. Here’s what you need to know about androgens and their effects on sexual function.

What Are Androgens?

Androgens are hormones that are naturally produced in both male and female bodies. In males, androgens are found in the testicles, while in females androgens are primarily secreted in the ovaries and the adrenal glands.

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What Do Androgens Do?

Androgens are essential for the development of male sexual characteristics and for the maintenance of healthy sexual function in both males and females. In males, androgens are often referred to as the “male sex hormones” because they are involved in the growth of the penis and testes, sperm production, muscle development and body hair growth. In females, androgens are essential for the maintenance of libido, vaginal lubrication and orgasmic ability.

How Can Abnormal Androgen Levels Affect Sexual Function?

Abnormal androgen levels can have a negative impact on both male and female sexual function. Abnormally high levels of androgens can lead to male pattern baldness, increased facial hair and acne, as well as a decrease in libido and sexual desire. Conversely, abnormally low levels of androgens can lead to a decrease in sexual desire, erectile dysfunction and decreased or absent ejaculation in males and a decrease in libido and difficulty achieving orgasm in females.

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How Can You Treat Abnormal Androgen Levels?

The treatment of abnormal androgen levels depends on the underlying cause. In cases of androgen deficiency, hormone replacement therapy is often recommended. For those with excessively high androgens, medication may be prescribed to help lower testosterone levels. In some cases, lifestyle modifications such as stress management, exercise and dietary changes may be recommended to help balance hormone levels. It’s important to speak to your healthcare provider about the best treatment option for you.

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Learning about androgens and their effects on sexual function is essential for promoting sexual health and wellness. Understanding how these hormones work in your body can help you to identify any underlying issues that could be causing sexual dysfunction, allowing for the timely administration of appropriate treatments.