The Connection between Smoking and Bone Density: Risks and Consequences

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What is the Connection between Smoking and Bone Density?

Smoking has long been known to cause a variety of health problems. However, more recently it has been determined that smoking can also have a negative effect on bone density, leading to increased risks of bone fractures. The connection between smoking and bone density is the result of a decrease in the production of the bone-building cells, known as osteoblasts, in smoking individuals. This can weaken the bones, making them more prone to fractures and other destabilizing injuries.

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Risks and Consequences of Smoking and Bone Density

By reducing bone density, smoking makes it easier for unhealthy and potentially life-threatening breaks or fractures to occur. Additionally, even if the bones do heal from such injuries, the weakened bones can lead to a decrease in mobility and a higher risk of long-term physical handicaps. Along with smoking’s many other consequences, reduced bone density increases the risk of developing osteoporosis; which is a chronic thinning of the bones that quickly becomes more severe over time.

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Health Benefits of Quitting Smoking

Quitting smoking has many health benefits. One of the most immediate decreases in risk is an increase in bone density as the body can begin slowing repairing the damage that has been done. Over time, a full recovery of bone density is possible if steps are taken to become and remain tobacco-free. This not only reduces the risk of bone fractures and mobility issues, but it also lessens the risks of developing osteoporosis or having it continue to worsen.

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The connection between smoking and bone density should not be taken lightly, as the consequences of smoking can easily outweigh the benefits that come with it. If you are a smoker and are concerned with your bone density and any potential risks associated with it, then it is highly recommended that you quit smoking or cease the use of tobacco products and promote a healthier lifestyle.