Tips for Talking to Your Partner About Erectile Dysfunction

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Erectile Dysfunction: Tips for Talking to Your Partner About Health Concerns

Erectile dysfunction (ED) can cause feelings of anxiety and uncertainty when both partners are struggling to openly discuss the issue. Yet, open, honest communication is an important part of maintaining a healthy relationship – and can even help to address the erectile dysfunction.

1. Make Talking About ED Part of Your Routine

The first step to opening up dialogue about ED with your partner is to make discussions about your physical health a routine, on-going part of your relationship. Planning regular check-ins, sharing updates about how you’re feeling, and offering support are all great ways to show your partner that you’re open to talking and to work toward finding solutions together.

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2. Avoid Sweeping Statements

When talking about ED it’s important to avoid taking a judgmental approach. Instead of one-size-fits-all statements about ED such as, “Erectile dysfunction is all in your head,” focus the conversation on empowering statements like, “Let’s look for solutions that make us both feel safe and heard.” Practicing mindful communication will help you work together to understand the underlying cause of the erectile dysfunction and move toward finding a solution.

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3. Support Your Partner’s Feelings

ED can cause strong emotions in both men and their partners. Your partner may be anxious or embarrassed about ED, and it’s important to take their feelings seriously. Let your partner know that their feelings are valid, and that important conversations have to be had if a solution is to be found. Offer your support and understanding.

4. Rely on the Resources

If the erectile dysfunction is having a major impact on your relationship, reaching out to a professional may be the best way to start addressing the issue. The National Institute of Health offers resources to couples dealing with ED. Look up these resources together to discover treatment options and other support services.

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Having conversations about ED can seem intimidating, but by having an open dialogue with your partner and relying on outside support, you can start managing ED and keep your relationship healthy.

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