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The Signs of Thyroid Issues and How to Deal with Them

Your thyroid is a tiny but powerful gland located in your neck that helps regulate hormones throughout your body. When it is not working correctly, many symptoms can arise, leading to thyroid issues. Learning about the signs of thyroid problems is key to helping you manage your health.

Signs of Thyroid Issues

There are many signs of thyroid issues you should be aware of, including:

  • Mood changes: Feeling blue more days than not and finding yourself more irritable than usual? It may very well be related to your thyroid.
  • Weight gain or loss: Having difficulty losing or gaining weight even though you’ve made changes to your diet and exercise routine? You may need to get your thyroid eye one.
  • Hair loss: If you’re suffering from hair loss, it could be related to thyroid problems.
  • Fatigue: Fatigue is something that most of us can relate to, but if you find yourself in a constant state of exhaustion, you could be dealing with a thyroid disorder.
  • Changes in your skin or nails: If you’re dealing with dry, itchy skin or yellow nail beds, it may be caused by your thyroid.

What You Should Do if You Suspect You Have Issues with Your Thyroid

If you believe that you may have a thyroid disorder, it is crucial to speak with a doctor. They will likely order a thyroid function test to determine if your hormones are within the normal range. Treatments for thyroid problems range from lifestyle modifications to medications to surgery, depending on the condition and its severity.

Addressing any signs of thyroid problems is essential for sustaining your overall health. Don’t hesitate to make an appointment with your healthcare provider if you’re experiencing any of the signs mentioned above.

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