How to Properly Wear Compression Stockings for Maximum Benefits

Properly Compression

Wear Compression Stockings for Maximum Benefits and Health

Compression stockings can help individuals improve circulation and reduce pain, swelling and fatigue. Properly wearing compression stockings is key to achieving maximum benefits and health from them. This article will provide concise instructions on how to wear compression stockings for optimal comfort and health benefits.

1. Purchase the Right Sized Compression Stockings

When purchasing compression stockings, make sure you select the right size for the best fit. It’s a good idea to measure the circumference of your calf, ankle, top of the foot and leg length. Many retail stores and online sites provide sizing guides to help you purchase an accurate fit. It’s important to try them on as soon as you receive them to ensure they fit correctly.

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2. Put on Compression Stockings at the Right Time

It’s best to wear compression stockings in the morning right after you get out of bed. This will allow you to ensure they are applied correctly and provide the best support and relief throughout the day. Make sure you wear the stockings with both feet at the same time and check for any scoring or damage on the sock after taking them off.

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3. Remove Compression Stockings Carefully

When removing compression stockings, do so gently, carefully and slowly. Roll the stocking up in your hands, start from the ankle and move up the leg. Always unroll and take off the stocking from the foot upwards to help reduce the chances of the stocking getting twisted or wrinkled on the leg.

Tips for Maintaining Compression Stockings

The following are tips for maintaining compression stockings:

  • Do not pull or stretch the stocking
  • Do not put on stockings while they are wet
  • Wash regularly with mild soap or detergent and water
  • Never attempt to iron, bleach or tumble dry your stockings
  • Regularly check for any damage or holes in the stocking

Compression stockings can help to improve circulation, provide relief from venous conditions like varicose veins and reduce pain, swelling and fatigue when worn correctly and properly maintained. Always follow the instructions of your doctor or healthcare provider before using compression stockings.