The Science Behind Long-lasting Lifestyle Changes

Science Behind

and Health

It’s no secret that a healthy lifestyle can have a positive impact on our wellbeing, but how exactly can research inform us about the best ways to make long-lasting lifestyle changes? This article explores the science behind long-term lifestyle changes and health and offers evidence-based tips to help us make lasting changes in our lives.

The Impact of Our Habits on Health and Wellbeing

When it comes to our health, habits are key. Our lifestyle habits have a significant impact on our overall health and wellbeing – from our diet to our exercise routine and even our sleep patterns. Research has shown that small modifications can make a big difference, and understanding the science of habit formation can enable us to make long-term lifestyle changes.

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Making Habits Stick

The science of habit formation suggests that habits take time to form. It is important to understand why we do certain things on a regular basis as well as how to overcome obstacles that may hinder our progress.

The key ingredients of lasting lifestyle changes include having a clear motivation, visualizing success, building new routines, setting realistic expectations and most importantly, not giving up.

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Research-Based Tips to Promote Long-term Changes

For those looking to make lasting lifestyle changes in order to improve their health, here are some tips that are backed by research:

  • Make small changes: It takes time for our brains to acquire a new behavior, so start small and gradually build momentum.
  • Focus on the particular behavior: We are more likely to implement new habits if we focus on a specific behavior and repeat it frequently.
  • Constantly review: Planning and reviewing progress regularly can help to make sure that small changes become habits.
  • Appeal to intrinsic motivation: Encouraging ourselves with intrinsic motivation can be a great way to elicit positive behaviors such as exercising.
  • Gain social support: Searching for like-minded people who can help to support and motivate us is a great way to improve the chances of long-term success.


Making long-lasting lifestyle changes is a difficult but achievable goal. By understanding the science behind habit formation, setting realistic expectations, and following evidence-based tips we can more easily promote lasting lifestyle changes to improve our overall wellbeing.