jenny craig weight loss center

Jenny Craig Weight Loss Center: Lose weight for good with a tailored approach.

Are you struggling to maintain a healthy weight? Looking for a personalized weight loss plan that fits your lifestyle? Consider the Jenny Craig Weight Loss Center.

At Jenny Craig, you will receive the support and guidance necessary to make the changes needed to maintain your healthy weight. We focus on helping our members create sustainable habits and behavior changes that will lead to long-term success. Jenny Craig mixes nutrition, physical activity and lifestyle modifications, to help you gain control of your health.

What Sets Jenny Craig apart

  • A personalized approach to weight loss tailored to your lifestyle and goals
  • An extensive food selection designed to satisfy your cravings and provide the optimal nutritional need
  • Expert consultants who have the knowledge and support to build a plan that fits you
  • Ongoing support solutions to develop healthy habits and trigger lasting behavioral changes

At Jenny Craig, we recognize that no two people are the same. That’s why our weight loss plan is fully customizable to YOUR specific goals and needs. We partner with our members to understand their individual health and lifestyle. Together, we develop and follow through on an actionable plan of diet, fitness and behavior that’s achievable and sustainable.

The Jenny Craig Program

Our weight loss program focuses on progressing your nutrition, fitness and lifestyle goals through a mix of dietary concepts, physical activities and psychological tactics.

  • Nutrition: Our food selection provides the necessary nutrients and energy to help members reach their goals while still maintaining a high quality of life. Our diet consists of healthy, fresh, portion-controlled meals.
  • Fitness: Our fitness plan focuses on steady physical activity that is safe and tailored to reach our members’ wants and needs at their current level of health.
  • Lifestyle: This step is about changing the way our members think about nutrition and health. Our lifestyle program is set up to position our members for success, to inspire them to stay the course, and to ensure that their efforts are tracked and rewarded.

At Jenny Craig, we will be there every step of the way with the knowledge and support you need to make lasting changes to your health and wellbeing. Get started on your personalized journey to health and fitness today and join the Jenny Craig Weight Loss Center.

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