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Bodybuilding – John Meadows

John Meadows is one of the most recognized bodybuilding coaches with a long and successful career. From the 1987 Junior Nationals to the 2020 Mr. Olympia, John has been seen as a mentor for professional athletes, helping them reach their goals. His experience, knowledge, and dedication to helping all levels of bodybuilders has helped many reach their peak performance.

John Meadows: A Leader in Bodybuilding Training

John Meadows has been coaching bodybuilders for 34 years and has achieved success in both amateur and professional athletics. His philosophies are in line with the best in the business and he sets a high standard for those that he works with.

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John has developed an intimate understanding of the bodybuilder’s journey and excels in helping athletes reach their dreams. He brings a wealth of knowledge to each individual, allowing them to make the most of their performance.

John Meadows Methodology

John Meadows has developed an approach to bodybuilding and training that is both effective and creative. He encourages people to think outside the box and push the boundaries of what is normally expected from a bodybuilding program.

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John has developed a number of unique strategies and workouts, including:

  • Glycogen Loading – this is a technique which increases muscle size and power.
  • Periodization – this is a method of planning and organizing fitness plans in order to maximize training benefits and prevent burnout.
  • Symmetry & Balance – this is a method which reduces the risk of injuries and builds on strength imbalance.
  • Progressive Overload – this is a technique to continually challenge the muscles to prevent plateaus in the training.

John Meadows: A Leading Authority in Bodybuilding

John Meadows has been well-respected in the bodybuilding industry for his dedication and knowledge. He is often featured in publications and television interviews, and has gone to support various organizations and events.

His work has been presented at Arnold Classic, Olympia, and other national conferences. He has been seen training celebrities, collegiate athletes, and professional bodybuilders.

John Meadows is an example of how passion, intelligence, and dedication can help shape the bodybuilding industry.


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