Compound Exercises for Increased Athletic Performance

Compound Exercises

What are and Health?

Compound exercises for increased athletic performance and health are exercises that involve multiple joint movements and different muscle groups. When performing compound exercises, you are using multiple muscles at the same time, providing a strength and conditioning training benefit that is higher than using single joint exercises. It not only develops more muscular strength and greater degrees of conditioning, but it does so in far less time.

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Muscles Activated During Compound Exercises

Compound exercises activate more than one muscle group, such as The quads, hamstrings, glutes, and core during a squat, or the delts, traps, abs and lower back during a bent over row. While compound exercises can be utilized with free weights, there is a variety of different machines and cables that can be used to add a resistance component to the movement.

Benefits of Compound Exercises

Compound exercises offer increased athletic performance, improved cardiovascular health, and overall muscular development. When performing compound exercises, more muscles are used, which is beneficial for cardiovascular health and improved movement visibility. Compound exercises have been used to increase strength, build muscle, and burn fat. They also build stamina, endurance, and power.

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Examples of Common Compound Exercises

Common compounds exercise include squats, deadlifts, lunges, burpees, bent over rows, shoulder press and bench press. Each exercise must be performed correctly using proper form to get the fullest benefit and to avoid injury.


Compound exercises are an important part of any strength and conditioning program and should be included to maximize results and improve overall physical performance and health. These exercises provide the body with the greatest volume of work and require a great deal of strength, power, and cardio to execute the movements. Compound exercises provide an effective and efficient way to add muscle, get stronger, increase cardiovascular health, and improve athletic performance.