The Best Time to Consume Protein: Before or After a Workout?

Consume Protein

It’s no secret that protein intake is important to maintain optimal health and increase muscle mass. But one common question many people have is when should they consume protein – before or after a workout? In this post, we’ll discuss the benefits of both so that you can determine the best time to consume protein.

The Benefits of Consuming Protein Before a Workout

Research has shown that consuming protein before a workout can help boost energy levels, enhance performance and speed up recovery. This is largely due to the fact that protein helps to build up muscle. It also provides energy to help power through a grueling workout.

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In addition, ingesting protein before a workout helps to regulate blood sugar levels to keep you energized during the workout. Additionally, protein helps to satiate hunger cravings, so consuming it before a workout can help to prevent you from feeling hungry afterwards.

The Benefits of Consuming Protein After a Workout

Consuming protein after a workout has numerous benefits, with one of the most significant being muscle growth. Protein helps to increase muscle mass and improve recovery, which is key to building strength, gaining muscle and increasing performance.

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Going back to regulating blood sugar levels, having a healthy dose of protein right after a workout helps to keep your insulin levels stable, which in turn can help to optimize fat burning and prevent fatigue.

Finally, having protein post-workout helps to trigger a wave of anabolic hormones, which is important for muscles to recover faster and become stronger.

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Bottom Line

For best results, it’s recommended to consume protein both before and after a workout. Doing so can help to optimize performance during the workout, speed up recovery and ensure muscles grow stronger over time. When looking for the best sources of protein, opt for foods that are naturally-occurring and nutrient-rich like nuts, seeds, legumes, poultry, fish, and dairy.