The Benefits of Color Therapy for Cholesterol Health

Benefits Color

and Health

Color therapy, also known as chromotherapy, is an ancient healing practice used to improve health and combat illnesses. Recently, it has been linked to helping to reduce cholesterol levels and improve overall health. Studies suggest that specific colors may reduce inflammation and balance the body’s energy, leading to numerous health benefits. Read on to learn more about the benefits of color therapy for cholesterol health and overall wellbeing.


Red is the color of energy, passion and vitality. When used as a form of color therapy, it can help to reduce stress, anger and anxiety. Red is also thought to boost circulation, improve circulation and reduce blood pressure. When it comes to cholesterol health, studies suggest that it may decrease cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of associated health complications.

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Yellow is associated with happiness, joy and uplifting energy. It is said to boost the immune system, calm the mind and improve mental clarity. In terms of cholesterol health, yellow is believed to promote healthy cholesterol levels, as well as improve overall health.


Green is the color of harmony, balance and optimism. In color therapy, it is believed to sooth the nerves and reduce inflammation. It has also been linked to improving blood pressure and regulating blood sugar levels. When it comes to cholesterol health, studies suggest that green can help to lower LDL cholesterol and improve heart health.

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Blue is the color of healing and serenity. As a form of color therapy, blue is believed to relieve tension and anxiety. It can also help to boost metabolism and improve digestion. In terms of cholesterol health, blue is said to reduce LDL cholesterol and prevent issues related to heart health.

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Overall, color therapy is said to improve health in numerous ways, including reducing cholesterol levels, improving circulation and boosting the immune system. If you are interested in using color therapy as a way to improve cholesterol health and wellbeing, talk to your doctor or a certified therapist to learn more.