vldl cholesterol

What is VLDL Cholesterol?

VLDL cholesterol, also known as Very Low Density Lipoprotein, is a type of cholesterol found in the blood. It is one of three major types of cholesterol, the other two being low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and high-density lipoprotein (HDL). VLDL cholesterol is produced in the liver and is then transported throughout the body. It carries lipids (fats) to tissues, where it can be used for energy.

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What Are Normal VLDL Cholesterol Levels?

Normal levels of VLDL cholesterol range from 2 to 30 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL) of blood, although the optimal level is below 15 mg/dL. High levels of VLDL cholesterol can be an indication of an unhealthy lifestyle and are associated with an increased risk of heart disease.

Risk Factors for High VLDL Cholesterol

There are certain risk factors that can increase your chances of having high levels of VLDL cholesterol. These include:

  • Being overweight or obese
  • Having an unhealthy diet high in saturated fats and trans fats
  • Having a sedentary lifestyle
  • Smoking
  • Having a family history of high cholesterol
  • Age (people over the age of 45 are at an increased risk)
  • Having Type 2 diabetes or another medical condition that affects how your body processes cholesterol

How to Reduce VLDL Cholesterol

To reduce your VLDL cholesterol levels, there are certain lifestyle changes you can make. These include:

  • Eating a heart-healthy diet that is low in saturated fat and trans fat
  • Engaging in regular physical activity
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Quitting smoking

Your doctor may also recommend medications such as statins to help lower your VLDL cholesterol levels.


It’s important to keep your VLDL cholesterol levels in check as it can be an indication of an unhealthy lifestyle and an increased risk of heart disease. To keep your levels in check, it’s important to make lifestyle changes such as eating a heart-healthy diet, getting regular physical activity, maintaining a healthy weight, and quitting smoking. Your doctor may also recommend medication to help reduce your VLDL cholesterol levels.

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