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Kim Jong Un’s Weight Loss Journey

Since his rise to power in 2011, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has been something of a punch line in the Western world. But recently, he has been garnering attention for something other than his governing style — his body. Kim Jong Un has gone from being a rotund figure to what is rumored to be a much slimmer silhouette. How did he do it? Read on for more details about Kim Jong Un’s amazing weight loss journey.

Willpower and Dedication

There is no denying the incredible amount of determination it must take for someone to lose dozens of pounds. Kim Jong Un seems to have managed to pull it off extraordinarily well, demonstrating an incredible level of willpower. The key to his success seems to have been his dedication: unlike other weight loss attempts, this one has managed to stick.

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An Elite Team of Doctors

Kim Jong Un has also been surrounded by an elite team of doctors to help him with his weight loss journey. This team of experts have pinpointed exactly what Kim Jong Un’s needs are and have developed a game plan to get him to his ideal weight. Their help has no doubt been invaluable in Kim’s journey.

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A Special Diet

Kim Jong Un’s diet has no doubt played a major part in his weight loss success. He reportedly eliminated pork and beef from his diet, has focused on fish, fruits, and vegetables, and is said to favour Korean food. Reports have suggested that Kim has also cut out smoking and drastically reduced his alcohol intake.

Strenuous Exercise

Of course, the other major component of any weight loss is exercise. Kim Jong Un has been avidly exercising, reportedly engaging in regular tennis sessions and walking, as well as a comprehensive conditioning and stretching regimen.

A Great Example

Although not everyone can take advantage of the same luxuries as Kim Jong Un, his weight loss journey is an example to us that with enough dedication and willpower, great things are possible. Even those with extremely busy lifestyles can find time to improve their diet and exercise, if they put in the effort.

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Kim Jong Un’s journey is an inspiring success story and a reminder that everyone can achieve their weight loss and health goals. With a balanced diet, regular exercise, and the right amount of dedication, it is possible to “beat the bulge” and reach your ideal body weight.

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