Maximizing Your Results with Physical Therapy: Tips from the Experts

Maximizing Results

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Physical therapy can help a person to recover or improve physical functioning or mobility that has been impaired due to medical conditions, illnesses, disability, or injuries. It also helps to restore mental performance and focus, both of which are key to good physical health. The purpose of physical therapy is to maximize results from any intervention and to enhance overall health and quality of life. Here are expert tips that can help you get the most out of physical therapy and maximize your results.

Follow Your Rehabilitation Program Religiously

According to experts, the most important thing you can do to maximize your results with physical therapy is to carefully follow the rehabilitation program prescribed by your physical therapist. Make sure that you understand what exercises and activities are a part of the program, and adhere to the time-frame and number of repetitions recommended by your therapist.

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Be Proactive During Your Appointments

Don’t just show up to your appointments and wait to be told what to do. Come prepared with questions and ideas to discuss with your physical therapist. Let him/her know what is working and what could be done better. Your physical therapist is there to help you get better, but can only do so if you offer feedback about how the program is going and how you are feeling.

Make Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Making healthy lifestyle changes not only complements physical therapy, but helps to maintain long-term gains as well. Eating a balanced diet and staying hydrated can improve recovery time and support your body’s natural ability to heal. Regular exercise and stretches beyond what is included with your therapy can help improve your strength and range of motion. Additionally, getting adequate rest is essential for the body to have time to repair and rebuild itself.

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Ask Your Therapist For Advice

Physical therapy is a comprehensive approach to treating medical conditions, illnesses, disabilities, and injuries. Your therapist can also provide advice on how to modify daily activities like sitting and standing, so they don’t negatively impact your progress. Similarly, if you are recovering from an injury or recently had surgery, you may have questions about how to ensure you won’t reinjure yourself. Working closely with your physical therapist will help you to return to your daily routine in a safe and comfortable manner.

Continue Moving After Therapy

When you finish physical therapy, the goal is that you are able to do all of the activities that you did before your condition, injury, or illness. To ensure that you maintain long-term gains, it is important to continue moving and stretching your body on a regular basis. This is one of the best ways to maximize your results and ensure that you don’t experience a relapse.

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Maximizing your results with physical therapy depends on following your rehabilitation program, being proactive during your therapy sessions, and making healthy lifestyle changes. It is also important to ask for advice from your physical therapist and continue to move and stretch even after you finish therapy. With the support of your physical therapist and nutritionist, you can expect to achieve your goals and make a full recovery.

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