Hormonal Changes and Libido: Effects and Solutions

Hormonal Changes

for Your Health

Our hormones play a crucial role in libido, and hormonal changes can cause libido to fluctuate. Depending on the cause of the hormonal change, the resulting libido issue can be reversible or serious. Hormonal changes and libido can profoundly affect our health and sense of wellbeing, so understanding the effects and identifying solutions is important.

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Common Causes of Hormonal Changes

Hormone production can go awry due to disease, poor lifestyle choices, or age. Common causes of hormonal changes include fluctuating estrogen, testosterone, and thyroid hormone levels. Menopause, andropause, pregnancy, men’s health concerns, and environmental and lifestyle factors can all cause hormonal imbalances.

The Effects of Hormonal Changes on Libido

Hormones play a major role in our libido–particularly testosterone in men and estrogen in women. Testosterone is associated with sex drive and energy level, while estrogen is linked to vaginal lubrication and having a positive outlook on sex. Low levels of both of these hormones are associated with waning libido.

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Bunos Solutions for Optimizing Hormone Levels and Libido

There are some solutions for surge in libido due to hormonal changes, depending on the cause.

  • If lifestyle factors are causing imbalances, priority should be placed on optimizing diet, sleep, and exercise. Stress management is also important, as excessive stress affects hormones like cortisol and can lead to libido issues.
  • Hormone replacement therapy can be used to correct deficiencies and is often successful in treating libido problems. Herbal remedies and natural supplements, like maca root, may also be beneficial.
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The Benefits of Optimal Hormone Balance

Correcting imbalances can improve your libido and sense of wellbeing. It may also help keep your entire system running smoothly, as hormones play important roles in weight management, energy levels, and other aspects of health. If symptoms of hormone imbalance persist, it’s best to speak to a professional for personalized advice.