Graves’ Disease and Eye Problems: Understanding Thyroid Eye Disease

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Thyroid Eye Disease (TED) is a type of Graves’ Disease, an autoimmune disorder which causes the body’s own antibodies to attack healthy tissue in and around the eyes. In some cases, the disease can cause dryness, pain, grittiness, swelling, bulging and other problems with the eyes. When left untreated, the symptoms can become more serious, including vision loss or blindness.

Thyroid Eye Disease Symptoms

Common symptoms of Graves’ Disease-related TED include:

  • Pain: Patients may experience painful eyes, especially when moving them.
  • Dryness: The eyes can become dry, gritty and uncomfortable.
  • Bulging: The eyes may bulge out more than usual.
  • Redness: The whites of the eyes may appear red.
  • Swollen Eyelids: The eyelids may swell up and rub against the eye.
  • Double Vision: Patients may experience double vision.
  • Photophobia: Patients can become more sensitive to light.

Treatment Options for Thyroid Eye Disease

There are a number of treatments available to manage the symptoms of Thyroid Eye Disease (TED). Options may include:

  • Steroids: Corticosteroids are often prescribed to reduce inflammation and improve the symptoms of TED.
  • Immunosuppressive Drugs: These drugs can help to suppress the immune system and prevent further damage to the eyes.
  • Surgery: In severe cases, surgery may be needed to correct any physical deformities caused by TED.
  • Eye Drops: Medicated eye drops can be used to help reduce inflammation and pain.

Understanding Thyroid Eye Disease and Health

Thyroid Eye Disease is an autoimmune disorder which can cause serious vision problems if left untreated. It is important for patients to understand their condition and seek medical advice if they have any concerns. A doctor can provide the necessary assessments and treatments to help manage the symptoms of TED and reduce the risk of any long-term damage to the eyes.


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