what are early warning signs of thyroid problems

What are the early warning signs of thyroid problems?

Your thyroid is an essential component of your body’s internal system, playing a role in metabolism, energy levels, and even your mood. It’s important to recognize early warning signs of thyroid problems, as anything left unchecked can become a potentially serious situation.

Here are some of the early warning signs of thyroid problems:

Changes in Your Weight

One of the preeminent signs of a probable thyroid issue is an unexplainable and sudden change in your weight- both an increase or a decrease. This happens because the thyroid is one of the body’s primary regulators of metabolism; when it malfunctions, so does your metabolism, resulting in either your inability to lose weight or difficulty in preventing weight gain.

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Weakness or Lethargy

When your thyroid hormone levels drop below normal, your body receives signals that its metabolism is weakening, and this can result in a general feeling of fatigue or weakness. Hypothyroidism, or an under-active thyroid, is a chief cause of such problems, and can often be identified by repeated bouts of fatigue or exhaustion.

Swollen Neck

When the body produces too much of its own thyroid hormone, a condition called hyperthyroidism can occur. Its most visible sign is usually a swollen neck, known as a goiter, which is most often identified by feeling a lump in your neck or seeing it noticeably protrude. Being able to visually recognize this symptom is important, as a goiter can be indicative of both thyroid disorders and thyroid cancer.

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Changes in Appetite

When something like your thyroid plays a role in your metabolism, difficulty in controlling your appetite is often one of the first signs that something is wrong. Hypothyroidism can cause an intensely increased appetite, while hyperthyroidism can lead to a decreased appetite.

Muscle Pain or Weakness

When your thyroid produces an insufficient amount of hormones, it can cause physiological effects on the body’s muscles, resulting in pain and/or weakness when you attempt to exercise. This symptom is more prevalent in states of hyperthyroidism, as hypothyroidism can reduce the body’s ability for cellular repair and recovery.

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Mood Swings

Your body’s internal system functions best when in balance, and when a regulating agent like the thyroid begins to malfunction, it can have effects on the body’s overall emotional condition. People with thyroid issues will often display increased levels of depression, lowered self-esteem, and abnormal mood swings.

Early Attention is Key To Diagnosing Thyroid Issues

It is important to pay attention to such early warning signs of thyroid problems and seek medical advice immediately, as leaving a thyroid issue unchecked can have serious, long-term consequences. By recognizing the symptoms of a malfunctioning thyroid early, you give yourself the best chance at avoiding far more serious health complications.

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