How to Prepare for Phlebectomy Surgery

Prepare Phlebectomy
and Your Health

What is Phlebectomy Surgery?

Phlebectomy surgery is a medical procedure used to treat varicose veins. It involves surgically removing the varicose veins from your legs. This procedure is usually performed under local anesthetic on an outpatient basis and usually takes less than an hour.

Preparing for Phlebectomy Surgery

Preparing for surgery can be a stressful time, but the good news is that phlebectomy is a relatively simple and safe procedure. Here are some steps to take to help ensure the best outcome:

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1. Talk to Your Doctor

Before undergoing phlebectomy surgery, it’s important to meet with your doctor and discuss the procedure. Outline any concerns or questions you may have and ask about the expected results. It’s also important to discuss any medications you’re taking and to take any medications that may be prescribed before the procedure.

2. Get Your Mental and Physical Health in Check

It’s important to get your mental and physical health in peak condition before undergoing surgery. Consider talking to a counselor or therapist if you’re feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed. Additionally, you should get plenty of rest, eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly.

3. Talk to Your Surgeon

Prior to surgery, it’s important to meet with your surgeon and discuss the details of the procedure. Explain any worries or questions, and describe any medications you’re taking. You may also need to provide your surgeon with a detailed medical history.

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4. Arrange for Transportation Post-Surgery

You may need to arrange for someone to drive you home after your procedure. This person should be familiar with your medical history, the medication you’re taking, and any instructions the doctor may have given you regarding the post-operative care.

Taking Care of Your Health After Surgery

It’s important to take good care of yourself after undergoing phlebectomy surgery. Here are some steps to take to ensure the best recovery:

1. Listen to Your Doctor’s Directions

Your doctor will give you specific instructions regarding your care after surgery. Be sure to follow these instructions carefully.

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2. Wear Compression Stockings

Your doctor may prescribe compression stockings to help reduce swelling and inflammation. Be sure to wear these stockings as directed.

3. Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise helps to strengthen your legs and promote circulation. Your doctor may recommend walking, swimming, or cycling.

4. Watch What You Eat and Drink

Eating a balanced diet and staying hydrated are key to ensuring a successful recovery. Talk to your doctor about the best nutrition plan for your health.


Undergoing phlebectomy surgery is a relatively simple and safe procedure. Preparing for the procedure involves talking to your doctor, getting your mental and physical health in check, and arranging for transportation. Additionally, it’s important to take care of your health after surgery by following your doctor’s instructions, wearing compression stockings, and exercising regularly.