The Importance of Wearing Compression Stockings After Surgery

Importance Wearing

and Health

Compression stockings are specialized garments used to improve circulation, reduce swelling and alleviate pain. Increasingly, medical practitioners recommend wearing these items after surgery and for medical conditions, firmly believing in their effectiveness.

How Compression Stockings Work

Compression stockings employ elastic compression to the lower legs, feet and ankles to reduce swelling and discomfort. By applying pressure in a graduated manner, they decrease excessive blood flow and reduce the amount of pooling in the lower limbs.

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The Benefits of Compression Stockings

  • Prevent blood clots and Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
  • Reduce Swelling
  • Relieve Aching
  • Alleviate Varicose Veins
  • Boost circulation
  • Reduce discomfort

Uses of Compression Stockings

Compression stockings are especially beneficial after surgery, as they help to reduce swelling, pain and risk of blood clots or DVT. Compression stockings can also be used to alleviate the symptoms of medical conditions, such as varicose veins, lymphedema, venous insufficiency, phlebitis, and spider veins.

Compression stockings are also helpful for athletes to help prevent muscle fatigue and improve recovery time. For those who travel for extended periods of time, compression stockings can reduce the risk of developing negative consequences such as DVT.

Finally, those who sit or stand for extended periods of time may find compression stockings reduce leg pain and swelling.

Types of Compression Stockings

Generally, there are four types of compression stockings available to choose from – mild, moderate, firm and extra firm. The level of compression you require depends on the condition and instructions from your doctor. It’s important that the stockings fit properly, so measurements should be taken before purchasing.

The importance of wearing compression stockings after surgery and for health reasons can’t be overstated. These specialized garments help to protect and promote healing, reduce pain, and improve circulation significantly.