How to Choose the Right Testosterone Patch for Your Needs

Choose Right

and Health

Testosterone patches are a safe, affordable and non-invasive way of receiving a steady dosage of this important hormone. Knowing how to select the right patch to suit your needs and health is essential for safe, effective and proven results.

Check with Your Doctor

Visit your doctor to discuss your particular health needs and to ensure that a testosterone patch is appropriate for you before taking any further steps. Your physician can provide you with advice, guidance and instruction on how to select the right testosterone patch for your body and lifestyle.

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Assess Your Testosterone Needs

Assessing your individual needs and understanding the levels of testosterone in your body will help to ensure you opt for the patch that provides the right dose of the hormone. In order to do this, you may be required to have a blood test done to assess the precise levels of testosterone your body requires.

Consider the Cost

Once you have an assessment of your testosterone levels, consider the cost of the patches which may range from a few dollars up to a few hundred. Ensure that the brand has undergone extensive research and laboratory testing and that it conforms to the highest medical quality standards. Ensure the patch you select can be readily and reliably obtained.

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Choose the Brand and Size Carefully

Patches exist in varying sizes from 0.1mg up to 10mg, 15mg and 20mg and you should choose the patch that is most appropriate for your health needs. Each brand and size will come with a set of instructions related to applying the patch correctly and correctly disposing of the patches at the end of the period you will be using them.

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Review and Follow Directions Carefully

Each brand and type of testosterone patch will have its individual instructions as to the correct application and dosage. Always read through the directions and ensure that you fully understand how to apply the patch.


Selecting the right testosterone patch for your needs is essential for your health and safety. Following the above steps, with the guidance of your physician, will enable you to select the most appropriate patch for your body, needs and lifestyle.

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