The Side Effects of Testosterone Gels and How to Minimize Them

Effects Testosterone

for Optimal Health

Testosterone gels are rapidly becoming a popular way to supplement testosterone levels. From bodybuilders to older men and even some women, using a testosterone gel can improve performance, energy and muscle tone. However, it can also come with side effects which can interfere with overall health and wellness. We’ll cover the main side effects of testosterone gel use and how to minimize them in order to achieve optimal health.

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What Are The Side Effects of Testosterone Gels?

The main side effects of testosterone gels include: increased body and facial hair growth, increased aggression, increased risk of heart disease, increased risk of prostate cancer, increased risk of stroke, and acne. In addition, testosterone gel use has been linked to an increased risk of sleep apnea, liver damage, and depression as well.

How to Minimize The Side Effects of Testosterone Gel Use

It is recommended to speak with a doctor before beginning any testosterone replacement therapy, including testosterone gel use. To further minimize any side effects of testosterone gel use it is also important to:

  • Monitor levels regularly in order to ensure that hormone replacement therapy is not triggering an overproduction of testosterone.
  • Stay active with exercise and proper nutrition as an inactive lifestyle can increase the risk of side effects.
  • Quit smoking. Smoking has been linked to a wide range of health-related problems, including those triggered by testosterone gel use.
  • Reduce stress as it can lead to an increase in hormone production, thus exacerbating side effects.


Testosterone gels can be an effective method for supplementing testosterone levels, but it is important to understand the potential side effects. By monitoring hormone levels, staying active, quitting smoking and reducing stress, you can minimize the potential side effects of testosterone gel use and enjoy optimal health and wellness.